Alrighty, here it goes!

So, I said Yes!

So this is me, Kate. I am just going to start off by letting you all know (even though most of you know) Jenna is the most absolute genuine, funky, caring (sometimes over caring), loving, beautiful drop dead gorgeous, loud lemon obsessive perfect woman I know. She has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered. I am the most grateful to have such an inspiring cousin (big sister) in my life. She doesn’t quit, and she keeps moving forward in life. She has done incredible things and is full of so many ideas. I sometimes think her brain might actually explode one day. I love her to pieces.

When I got online a few weeks ago after work, I went on Facebook just creeping on people and I came across this post from Jenna. I saw the link and was so tired I decided I would look at it in the morning. I kept scrolling and then my head finally clued in I saw my name on her link. “Oh Flipping Shit” what is she doing….. I actually woke up Tyler (my partner in crime) and told him he had to get up. I read through the entire blog and had tears in my eyes. “She’s the best” was the first thought in my head, then came the fear and thought to myself I cannot do this! I slept on it that night and woke up feeling excited and realized immediately I don’t have anything to lose; I’m already a pretty open book. So this brings me to now.

I am a mom to an almost 2 year old cute, handsome sweet sweet boy Mason. I am with the most incredible guy, most incredible father, and friend (best best friend). I have a massive family that is always in your face, but wouldn’t change that for a thing.

In the last 4 years I feel like my life has taken a complete turn. I am not where I thought I would be today and am sometimes so overwhelmed with the love and support I have. I am so grateful for Tyler, and Mason they bring me the most happiness. I have an incredible strong family. We’ve been dealt a shitty hand lately with unsolved health problems but yet we are still moving forward as best as possible and together.  Some days I still wake up and can’t believe this is my life.

I am so excited to share funny stories, struggles, Jenna’s lemon obsession and my “mom moments” with people and just everyday moments. I want to do this because my little stories and issues I’ve been dealing with could potentially help someone else out. I always say you never know what the smallest bit of information could do to help others.  I am inspired by a lot of people, and that inspires me to try and do the same.

I’m ready for this adventure! Xoxoxo



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