oh katelyn. katelyn. where art thou katelyn?


hi kate. it’s meeee. 

…looks like kate is MIA. and I think I know why. cause she’s running around like a donkey trying to save the world. [this donkey metaphor probably makes no sense but I like the word donkey so i’m going with it.]

so let’s have some fun here.
writing posts and good content takes thoughtfulness and consideration. and time of course. something that kate doesn’t have a lot of at the moment. cause she’s a turkey. saving the world. so I figure, let’s play a little Q & A with her – set her up with a template for her next post. she can skip through all the creative thinking required. simplify her thought process. this time around.
my donkey, are you ready? [let’s see how long it takes her to notice this post. about her]

first question.
do you still pimp the skate-shoes-bikini-bod?

no. 2
I know you did something funny or ridiculous in Mexico sans child. spill the beans.

no. 3
what did you eat for breakfast today? and tell me why it’s healthy.

what was the last thing #maseman did that made you laugh?

why are you working so hard? are you trying to kill yourself?

tell the world what you did at that red light that caused that accident. LOL

what is one unsolved problem that you want the answer to?

what is your favourite holiday and why?

what’s the furthest place you’ve been from home?

what was your proudest moment this week?

what is your future cat’s name?

what is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

what is the red bin effect / red bin recycling?

if you had to change your name, what would it be?

how do you feel about cookies?

last question.
who is your favourite cousin?

now, tag. you’re it.

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