In response to Jenna Lee

Hahaha, Jenna you’re hilarious. You are right though this will for sure simplify things for me! Yes I have been MIA…… so sorry! I’m actually surprised at how quickly I saw this post. I was sitting on the living room floor with Mason and Tyler this morning and bursted laughing when I read all the questions. 
first question.
do you still pimp the skate-shoes-bikini-bod?
– Ummm no…. quite sad that I once did. ( my poor parents )
no. 2
I know you did something funny or ridiculous in Mexico sans child. spill the beans.
– Haha, I honestly feel the whole trip was full of small ridiculous moments of mine. Unfortunately I am having a hard time remembering one moment because I was perma buzzed. 
no. 3
what did you eat for breakfast today? and tell me why it’s healthy.
 – actually made our daily healthy veggie fruit smoothie. Filled with bananas, avocados, spinach, celery, strawberries, blackberries, and cashew almond milk. Then I add my Arbonne Vanilla Protein to mine.  ( glad this question was asked today ) 
It’s just packed with good essential nutrients and vitamins :) 
what was the last thing #maseman did that made you laugh?
 – He makes me laugh all day long to be honest, but about 2 minutes ago he just spilt half his smoothie on me (by accident) then laughed and said “oops, Mommy… Messsssss….” but he brought me a towel to clean up which was really nice of him. 
why are you working so hard? are you trying to kill yourself?
– LoL, no I am not trying to kill myself. I am working a normal amount like everyone else I’m just busy with Mason during the day, then off to work but I like it that way.
 I love work, I like how it makes me feel, it feels good to be able to work again and get back on my feet. 
tell the world what you did at that red light that caused that accident. LOL
– I would just like to start off by explaining this was 6 years ago. I was driving the white Solara at the time on my way to work ( at St. Amant ) it was like 630a.m. The light was red and I had my coffee and somehow I knocked my shifter into reverse out of drive and when the light turned green and I started moving I went backwards at a green light into the guy behind me. 
– I can’t express how nice the guy was that I hit. It wasn’t a big crash or anything like a tiny fender bender. He didn’t care and he kept asking me if I was okay which was sweet cause I made a really stupid stupid accident. I remember being so shaken up because I seriously couldn’t believe I had done something so ridiculous and stupid. Called my dad of course when I got to work to let him know how dumb I was, and of course he laughed at me and told me to calm down to enjoy the rest of my day.( Thank goodness for my Dad ) 
what is one unsolved problem that you want the answer to?
– Um, well I want a lot of answers to unsolved problems. I would like to know how to defeat cold sores, cancer sores, fever blisters. ( I get them once and a while and I would like to never get them ever). They are so embarrassing. 
what is your favourite holiday and why?
– favourite holiday is Christmas but I actually just love Sundays (always feels like a holiday)
what’s the furthest place you’ve been from home?
– It was Spain when I went with my high school ! 
what was your proudest moment this week?
– I feel proud a lot when I am just watching Mason. He makes me feel super proud. I think I have to say for this week my proudest moment was taking the time off from mommy life and going for some drinks with a few friends from work ( had a really great time ) !! 
– Also I have to say I feel pretty proud that I haven’t lost my COOL yet today. I just walked into Mason’s room and he was playing in his own poop. I’m feeling pretty proud……. not.
what is your future cat’s name?
– Bahahahahahahaha, sorry Jenna….. no cat’s in my future. 
what is one thing that most people don’t know about you?
-I actually don’t know. I’m an open book I think people have a pretty good idea. Some people may not know that I’m obsessed with Jurassic Park, and Interstellar! I think space and dinosaurs are really cool. 
what is the red bin effect / red bin recycling?
– The red bin program is something I learnt about when I started working with Arbonne. It is a Governmental biological waste recycle program that contain contents like spoiled meats, left overs from butchers, euthanized pets from shelters, cooking fats from restaurants etc. These contents are brought to rendering plants where they put those contents into vats and boiled at unregulated temperatures where the fat rises to the top and those fats are scrapped off and  used as cheap bulking agents, and emollients in products and are sold to cosmetic industries. 
if you had to change your name, what would it be?
-I don’t know what I would change my name to. I do really like the name Hayden for a girl though. Don’t know if that would suit me.
how do you feel about cookies?
– Love them, especially Oreo’s ! 
last question.
who is your favourite cousin?
– Tough question………… Probably Bandit.
I’m thinking I’m probably going to create one of these for you Jenn…… Coming Soon!!!!!!

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