HELLO! just checkin’ in. #colitislife

so the last time I sat down to write this blog post, this is where I was.


and then I was too distracted by the beauty (and the +16 degree WEATHER IN NOVEMBER) so taking this picture was as far as I got.

—-      ————         ————-        ——

but even right now I can’t find my words for this post cause my thoughts are lost in an unorganized mess that is my head. i’m feeling a tad overwhelmed with SO MUCH INFORMATION that I want to share with you. so I think for now instead of words we’ll just do pictures!

this is what i’ve been up to since my last post...  [and I’ll be back when I’m ready.]

#healing #eatingdirt #bonebroth #baking #grainfree #kefir #smoothiesgalor #kefir #yoga #interior design #morekefir #relaxing #redredwine #morebaking #silliness #coldsoresgonewild #positivethinking #lakelife #goodbyestobandit #mindfulness #moreredwine #barefootintherain #healing #monsterstupideffincoldsores #ilovefood #andclawfootbathtubs #andthrifting #coucheistoobigfordoor #eatdirt #eatdirt #eatdirt #readthebook

[every one of these pics tells a part of my story and I will be back to share these moments with you. speaking of stories… here’s the story on how this blog adventure all began.]

we break and we fall but we get back up. and we live a great story.

sending tons of love your way,


p.s. colonoscopy day  was everything I prayed it wouldn’t be. it was bad. more later. but I am super grateful to report that I have not been in a flare since then. HECK YEAH. and I’m on a mission to make it a full year sans flare!!!! [for my new readers//fellow #ibdfighters, at the beginning, colitis+ prednisone highjacked my life and I was in and out of flares {and hospital} all the time. I promise to share more about what I’ve learned and done to heal. until then, sending hope and love + strength your way. xo]

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