THIRTY. you feel GOOD. Let’s do this!!!

Holy WOW I have THE best family and friends.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who took the time to make me feel extra special yesterday. You guys are what make my world go round. YOU are all what make this life so crazy good.

I appreciate the well birthday wishes… texts, fb posts/messages, emails, the meaningful cards. all THE LOVE.
y’all sure make me feel special. Happy happy girl over here. Each and every bday wish I received means so much to me.

and a BIG special thank you to my mom who threw me THE. bEST. PARTY. My heart is SO full. Along with my WINE RACK!!!! Heck Yeah lol!!
And my Mama Mia over at her Mia Cucina blog. the special cake you made for me was to die for! (gluten free, dairy free). Ella, the balloons were perfect. Thank you ladies, and to all who came to help me celebrate. This is what matters most to me in life. Spending time with the people I love. Best birthday gift EVER.

And finally since it is the ‘big 3-0’ I couldn’t help but do a little reflecting..
My twenties were a wild ride. So full of fun + love + new friendships + growth + sickness + adventure + excitement. pain + loss. new beginnings. healing and lessons. and always thru it all, gratitude.
I am thankful for all of the opportunities and experiences that life has thrown at me. and for the tough shit too. I wouldn’t change a thing.

if my thirties are gonna be even better than my twenties, like some people have been saying, then I am one bleepin blessed lady.

THIRTY. you feel GOOD. Let’s do this!!!


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