living the #goodlife. YES, it is still possible with a chronic disease.

at work and i’m ready to go! it’s my #clientsweddingday

I’ve got a long evening ahead of me but i’m excited to be a part of another special day.

*** fast forward thru all the chaos **** I finally have a moment to sit down.

I have a million thoughts going on in my brain right now. trying to weed through them and pick the most interesting ones to share with all of you. well, wait. are ‘all of you’ still out there? or did you stop following me since I’ve kinda been MIA for the last little while!! crazy how I go in to these bouts of ‘just not feeling it.’ [writing/bloggin]

since my last post  I’ve been HAPPY + WELL and enjoying life. flare-free and in remission. today I am happy to report that i’m feeling the same and then some + + +

life is GOOD. #crazygood and sad and fun. and exciting. and intense. and. and. and.  life is all of these emotions. and I am grateful to be able to feel and experience each and every one of them.

like right now I’m dancing in my seat listening to SPICE GIRLS lol ‘if you wanna be lover, ya gotta get with my friends’. in talking with the DJ earlier, I learned some pretty disappointing information….


No country music?! At a wedding? I think that may be a sin. Good thing pop is still allowed.
this bride & groom’s grand entrance was to a Marilyn Manson song + the bride is dressed in BLACK. 😳!?😳?!😳?!
it’s been an interesting night to say the least.
I’m think i’m gonna go bribe the DJ.

bye for now!

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