how I stopped the next flare in it’s tracks.

step one. don’t do THIS↓ all summer long and you won’t have a flare to stop in the first place.


HA. just kidding. the stress from wine deprivation alone would be enough to put me in a flare.

lol. kidding again. kindaaaa.

it’s sorta true…in that alcohol should be consumed in moderation with this disease. in my case, anyway.  and I do very very strongly believe that diet has a HUGE role in managing colitis.

H-O-W-E-V-E-R.  In the 13 years that I’ve had colitis,  I can honestly say that in the last 9 or so years I’ve noticed that there have been major stressful periods that arise RIGHT BEFORE every new flare. always. so that’s probably not a coincidence.

lately I’ve been failing myself. in the sense of poor eating choices, waaaay more drinking  and stressful life shenanigans.  I’ve had a feeling that I was on the brink of a flare and sure enough, about three weeks ago, I got home from my latest vacay in Arizona and then BAM. voila. welcome! not welcome. the next day I noticed the most obvious  symptom of a flare. blood.

I immediately got back on all of my vitamins + supplements ( I stopped taking them back in July for [probably stupid] reasons that I may explain later) and then I called the pharmacy first thing that Monday morning to order a box of VSL#3.

I’ve only started taking VSL#3 in the last year and a half. I used it during the last two flares.. May 2016 + Jan 2017 to be exact. you can find more info about VSL#3 from the may 2016 post.  I think I originally came across VSL#3 on a colitis forum in a desperate attempt to get well. since using it, it’s been a game changer. especially this time around because within 2 days of me taking it, the blood had cleared up!


the last two flares I didn’t start taking VSL#3 until I was well into the flare. So maybe the trick is to take it right away before things get out of hand. Having said, it’s not the only thing I do/take. I immediately cut out my daily coffee, absolutely no alcohol or cheat foods, doubled up on the bone broth and EVERYTHING I eat gets blended in to a smoothie or at the very least it’s super-cooked and soft so that by the time it reaches my intestines, it’s like mush.

this feels like the first time in forever that I’ve been able to stop a flare in it’s tracks.

SO my friends. VSL3!!!!!

goodbye colitis flare.

TRY IT. please.

it’s expensive and not covered by insurance or health care but I’d rather spend the money on something that will heal me versus something that will just mask the symptoms. Not sure how it works in other countries, but here in Canada, if your doctor writes you a prescription for it then you at least don’t have to pay the taxes. So one box of 30 packets costs me $111. This time around I am only taking one pack per day right before bed. the last terrible flare this past January I was taking 2 packs per day – one in the morning and one before bed. so the cost can add up quick. but I can’t put a price tag on my health.

now my only struggle in the last 3 weeks of being on VSL#3 is that I am feeling ‘normal’ and acting as if it’s some special miracle cure and forgetting that I should still be careful with what I am eating. so really I am playing with fire. I know i’m not in the clear yet.

especially cause I look like this:

just gonna pretend it’s a cute #babybump

Please God give me the mental strength to control what I put in my mouth. I am having a little trouble lately.

I’ve at least limited my wine and cleared my mind of the emotional stress that was probably the major contributor to this almost-flare in the first place.

if only there was an emergency switch to turn off the thoughts.

that’s it for now, my loves. BE WELL xo.




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