great deal on Ascenta NutraSea HP High-EPA Omega-3

here’s my PSA for the year! I just came across a new online health store this morning (yay) and right now it’s 30% off their entire store!! type in FEST30 at checkout. (not sure how long the deal will be on, but my guess it won’t be long) … + free shipping if you spend over $49.99. not sure about shipping to the States or elsewhere, but it’s worth checking it out.

fish oil is a staple in my vitamin and supplement regimen. apparently it’s hard to find a good quality one (says my naturopath), and the NutraSea does pass the test. (I ordered can expect to pay well over $70 for this exact one at a health store)

Fish oil info (the NutraSea one I just bought):

Extra-strength EPA omega-3 supplement

NutraSea hp is a high-EPA supplement and our most potent omega-3 supplement, with 1,500mg of EPA and 500mg of DHA in every dose. A formulation high in EPA can suppress inflammation and reduce muscle and joint pain, as well as benefit cardiovascular health, brain function, and joints and mobility. It’s available in a zesty lemon-flavoured liquid and as a softgel.


  • Healthy mood
  • Focus and concentration
  • Joint health
  • Inflammation 
  • Skin health
  • Muscle repair, recovery, and metabolism


These are the other supplements / protein I got, and take daily (except Vitamin C which I think I’m gonna start taking one a day) I’ve never bought this particular probiotic before but I’m gonna use it instead of the 50 billion ultimate flora I’m usually on, after I’m done with the VSL#3. (which is keeping me out of a flare right now, I believe)

Natural Factors Vitamin C Calcium Ascorbate 1000mg -125 gms Powder × 1


Garden of Life RAW Protein Vanilla 673g (JAY) × 1


AOR Advanced B Complex 180 Caps × 1


Ascenta NutraSea HP High-EPA Omega-3 Lemon 500ML × 2


Renew Life Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent Probiotic 30 Caps × 1


Genestra Magnesium Glycinate Liquid 450ML × 1


Discount (FEST30) $-103.77
Subtotal $242.16
Shipping $0.00
GST $12.11
PST $19.37
Total $273.64 CAD

happy shopping!! and I have no affiliation with this online health store ( or Ascenta NutraSea, I just wanted to help anyone reading save some cash cause I know how EXPENSIVE it is to stay in remission.

bye for now!



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