Happy New Year and no new flare!

Happy 2018 peeps. I am already so thankful to this new year. It hasn’t brought me a flare. nor an unexpected guest IN TO MY BED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.  about this time last year, life was a big fat WTF!!! [read all about it]

but aside from that crappy January, looking back at 2017… it was a super great year. this is what happened:

  • I went through a terrible flare but then that. was. it. no other flares for 2017!!!
  • I received an incredible gift to take care of an unexpected financial burden. THANK YOU. (I need to write a post about what life’s like to have a chronic disease + own a home + be on my own. I should give myself way more credit than I do.)
  • I celebrated the big 3-0- ! ‘Bring it, THIRTY. I am ready.‘ (well, not at first I wasn’t. for a while I was dwelling on my original life plan that didn’t pan out. according to the path I was on…by 30 I was ‘married to my #illinoisboy, tag-teaming our own design/construction company together, with a couple of munchkins alongside.’ but then life throws a curveball and we must figure out how to readjust our sails. but I digress. )
  • my mom and I crashed a bachelor party in Duluth, Minnesota. LOL omg what a night!!!  we were in town for a wedding and after the wedding we googled ‘country bar’ and then there we were! we (mom and I and this group of guys) had the bar to ourselves and we shut the place down! I have the coolest mom ever.


  • I finally completed the residential design and decorating certificate I’ve been working towards for the last 3 years,  √
  • I travelled across the country (O’ Canada) to work THE greatest country music festival. incredibly grateful for the opportunity and fun that was had. the amazing people I met. xo
  • I  learned that you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. a healthy dose of heartache is probably needed every once in a while. right?… it made me hate myself but taught me to love myself.
  • I travelled to Mesa, travelled to Mesa and then travelled to Mesa ONCE MORE. (!!!) I love that place <3 Arizona is my second home. trying to figure out how I too can be a snowbird.
  • I gave ‘online dating’ a try for the first time. more specifically, Tinder (LOL. good god.)
  • I came to be good friends with VSL#3 (think I went through a total of 4 or 5 boxes) This has been my first year trying to use it as a preventative measure..  I start taking it as soon as I start feeling like a flare could be close.
  • my brother and I got in a lot of bro / sis time. (probably because of breakups and a bad shoulder injury. #silverlinings) family times = best of times.



  • I got my first corporate office design project. thank you ♥ Fort Rouge Glass ♥ for taking a chance on me.  so so so so grateful. exciting + scary + rewarding
  • I volunteered to take on the role of lead events manager for the Crohn’s and Colitis Canada Gutsy and Glamour fund-raising gala. (Manitoba Chapter)
  • and the last chunk of 2017 was hard. I went through a solid 2 month run of testing times at work.  which forced me to make some changes, set some boundaries, and learn to take care of me first.
  • most importantly, embraced the tough times and heartache and LEARNED from it.

my new found loves in 2017: pepperoni and pineapple pizza. honky tonk country bars. Donny Grubb Band. chicken feet. trains in mountains. Rockin’ River Music Fest. mojitos. Beauty Counter. Floracopeia (sry Young Living). hibiscus tea. Aaron Lewis.

and here’s what we have on the queue for 2018:

some of my resolutions and possible new beginnings...

this could be a really long detailed section but I don’t feel like getting in to it. so point form, here it goes. (and when I say new years resolution, I mean that January was a trial month and February is when it really begins. he he he.)

tighten up that diet

no dishes in the sink and clothes off the floor. ?! wishful thinking probably with that one…

start using my food dehydrator again.

deodorant and dry shampoo to the list of homemade skin care products I make.

WEED. gonna try edibles. preferably with my mom cause that will be funny. (bro will be there to supervise LOL.)

more blog posts but that don’t take me days to write. short and sweet one subject tidbits.  maybe a consistent 2 per month? that’s doable I think.

reunion with my long lost bestie (it’s been almost 8 years! shameful)

get back on the tennis court!

SINGING. I love to sign and my mom got me signing lessons for Christmas :-)

and last but lot least… start dating? never in my life have I been on a date with someone I didn’t know well. (or well enough)

MAAAYBES for 2018 ...

get down to fewer hours at my ‘day job’ and finally get my own business up and running? interior decor / design business? decor/design PLUS event design business?  tag team a design/build company with the lil bro? sooooo much to think about. exciting and scary. but so so ready. what’s reeeeally stopping me? (let’s do a separate post on that one jenna)

'probably-nots-but-it's-in-the-back-of-my-mind' for 2018...

GET OFF ASACOL. the maintenance drug I’ve been on for THIRTEEN years. my doc tells me that this drug is absolutely safe to be on. nooo worries at all. ‘it’s completely safe’ but I just really don’t believe him. :) I’m convinced the asacol is messin with my brain. cause I lose my words. a lot. I have trouble expressing myself in a face to face conversation…. I think of a word but something different comes out. getting my thoughts out in to normal-people-sentences has not been easy for me lately.

build a tiny house and park it on a goat farm with acres and acres of pretty field crops and beautiful sunsets. for a quick escape of the city life.




that’s it for now.





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