today marks ONE FULL YEAR that I’ve been in remission. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Holy POOOOP. : )

this calls for a dance party. and a glass of wine! ha. just kidding. better not push the envelope. I did have a whole bottle of wine and lots of cheese this past Saturday. insert monkey holding hands over eyes face here. i’m caught in an eating-my-feelings vicious circle. or it’s more like a tornado.

anyway. this pic below is my marker and how I know it’s been one full year… because it’s my first cup of COFFEE since getting out of the last flare. the official ‘cheers! the flare peaced-out’ – I only get coffee back in my life when it’s safe to say the flare is gone. I was in Mexico. Feb 5th, 2017. can you see the love in my eyes? not sure what I was doing up at 8:33 am on vacation, but anyway… 

I always have to take the ‘first-cup-of-coffee-SEE-YA-FLARE’ selfie. imma dork.

and here’s the gross bag-a-bones selfie. another selfie I usually don’t miss. documentation, folks. documentation.


I was down to 111 lbs.  and today at the doctor’s I checked in at 127 lbs. I was at Health Sciences Centre this morning for some medical testing…i’m in a research study. and they took TEN VIALS OF BLOOD from me. and then I ended up on a stretcher. LOL. oooooh jennnna.

also had to throw in that next picture of me basking in the morning sun ↑, sipping that delicious cup of coffee. #takemeback.

I’m heading back to Mesa, Arizona shortly (!!!) and I maaaay just have to take a trip down to Rocky Point, Mexico for the weekend. and get my toes in that ocean. cause….. eat dirt.


hasta luego, peeps.

6 thoughts on “today marks ONE FULL YEAR that I’ve been in remission. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. thank you for the comment insidetheoyster! I have moderate-severe UC. usually this time of year I am down-and-out in a really bad flare. and it’s crazy that I’m not cause my stress level has been at an all time high lately and my diet hasn’t been great… the only thing I’ve done differently this past year is use VSL#3 more often and switched my daily bone broth from beef marrow bones to chicken feet. I dunno what exactly is going on but I am beyond grateful.
      hang on to that hope!! xo

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      1. Thanks so much for replying. So nice to hear positive stories when sometimes all you read are the worst outcomes.
        Can I ask what VSL is? :)
        I’ve never really tried bone broth but I’m keen to look into it. I take a lot of probiotics etc and vitamin D which I feel helps, but I’m the same – when my stress levels get high that’s when I tend to flare. Fingers crossed for a positive 2018! Xxx

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      2. VSL#3 is an INTENSE probiotic. I say intense because it’s got 450 billion bacteria per sachet compared to the 50 billion Ultimate Flora capsule I take every day. though this last month I’ve been taking the 100 billion capsules on the daily instead because I’ve been eating so bad, and stress has been high. I also got back on the VSL#3 last Thursday. just to be extra safe!! You can order it online or from your pharmacy. It’s around $120 CAN for 30 days but worth e-v-e-r-y penny. If you can get your hands on a box, I’d highly recommend it, insidetheoyster!!!!

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      3. Wow thanks! I usually take a probiotic but must admit I’ve been a bit lax in the last few weeks. That one sounds really strong – but if it works then it’s obviously worth the money! I’ll have to see if I can find it in the UK. X


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