Healing is about creating change I choose.

Today/right NOW(!) marks the first Monday morning of 51 more to come (!!!!), where I get to decide how to fill my time for the week. and that time, I am certain, will be filled with more meaningful, fulfilling moments + HEALING. which means waaaay less stress, personal + professional growth, more dedication to this blog + did I say HEALING? being well well WELL. ‘doing my shake-my-booty-happy-dance.’

and knowing this all makes my cup of coffee taste that much better!!!


messy hair don’t care :P 

A LOT has happened since my last post where I brag about making it a whole YEAR of being in remission … (yep. I F*d that one up) ..I learned a tough lesson where my health is concerned, among some other things… and I had to make some major life changes – take that leap of faith, if you will.

I’m outta here for now, but this is a To Be Continued post. so don’t go anywhere! …I’ll be back SOON this time. promise. ;-)

Be well. love,


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