Stressed out Mom over here!


This week’s craziness…

So Mason was sick this past week, it was rough. He started off with just a cold. It was a weak cold that lasted a few days and then it got worse. Ty and I brought him to get checked and yes it was the common viral infection that was going around. Mason doesn’t get sick too often but when he does, he does! Continue reading “Stressed out Mom over here!”

It was worth it, take a break!



I’m still going through vacation withdrawal… Sorry everyone and to Jenna for being so M.I.A lately with the blog, I’ve been hectic lately, but that is no excuse. But I want to share with you something that I’ve recently realized.

So Ty and I went away to Mexico for my best friends wedding at the end of February. It was sooooooo beautiful, oh my goodness I can’t say enough good things about it. The day was so beautiful, she was absolutely stunning and everything just went so great (maybe too much tequila, who remembers anyway). Everyone was so welcoming to and friendly.

So to backtrack a little bit here I hadn’t been away from Mason yet over two nights. I went through a lot of emotions I must say before we left. I knew I was ready for a break, I think most parents can admit they are ready for a break too. I just felt so guilty though. I tried explaining to Mason everyday that he was going to have a lot of sleep overs with Meme, Pepe and Parker. I’m pretty sure he understood. The day we left I was full of mixed emotions. I was trying to understand how I can go an entire week without kissing him or hugging him. Going away for some reason felt wrong, because I was leaving him. Usually you are so excited for a trip. I think a lot of parents out there can relate to this feeling that I was feeling.

When we got off that plane though and I smelt the hot Mexico sun with a beer in my hand,  and a handsome stud(Tyler) beside me. I can truly say that my feelings suddenly changed. I realized holy cow I am on vacation, with Tyler ALONE and it’s hot here and we are ALONE!!!!!! This is something we haven’t had since before I was pregnant with Mase man. It felt like it had been eternity since we had that. Once we got to our resort everything felt pretty right, I mean how couldn’t it. The week went amazing out in Mexico, the wedding was perfect and my time alone with my man was so great. Listening to the waves hit the sand was the most relaxing sound for me. Plus we would FaceTime Mason and he was the most happy with my parents. He didn’t even seem to miss us actually!

I can’t believe that I was feeling so guilty about leaving Mason. For all the parents who’ve never taken a break from their baby I strongly recommend it, you sure do deserve it. We never stop working ever and I realized that it is SOOOO okay to ask someone for a helping hand and to take a break. It made me a better Mom. Everyday away from Mason we missed him so incredibly much but it was a good miss. We weren’t sad and plus FaceTime is the greatest! The best part was when we got home, he was waiting in the Airport with my AWESOME parents and when we saw him we both broke down. I think I maybe was hyper-ventilating. I only realized how much I missed him when I actually saw him and held him. It was the greatest feeling I had ever felt, my heart was so warm. Love was exploding out of me. Ty was in the exact same boat as I was in, we looked like ridiculous people in the airport but that is okay! Mason has been so great since we’ve been back. He is kinda all grown up too. He finally got rid of his “tootie” (soother) cause he tells us he is a big boy now. I think that we all needed a bit of a break including Mason, it was really good for him to be away from us and with his grandparents.

The meaning of my blog today is so that I never forget to take a break and ask for help because I have finally come to realization that I get tired, and I can’t do everything either. I deserve a break too. I know a lot of my friends who are parents forget to take time for themselves and I have been there too and it is so easy to get caught up in that same routine way of things always doing things for everyone else before yourself.  My motivation today is to take a break, and to keep doing things for myself!

Lots of Love,