omgoodness, so much to add in this section. for now tho, I’ll start with this:

this disease is a monster. it’s debilitating at times. and can control our lives. it’s a shit show to say the least. no pun intended LOL lol.

there may not be a ‘cure’, but I DO believe in healing ulcerative colitis.

every day I work towards a symptom-free life. here are the key ingredients for me:

STRESS management: (something I have yet to master). I will eventually have a page dedicated to this but off the top of my head.. some things that help: yoga. down time. the sun. rest / a break from work / vacation.

     meditation. something I really really suck at so something I’m needing to practice.

     healthy mind. this is a BIG one. #workinprogress to fill in this section…


DIET: figuring out my trigger foods has been a life long journey. it can be A LOT easier for some people. I just LOVE love love food so much. it’s my biggest challenge. like I could eat all damn day long. go figure I have a disease targeting my gut. lol. Though I’d argue that all disease starts in the gut anyway so guess it doesn’t really matter. (let’s heal that gut microbiome peeps!!)

vitamins + supplements. this one’s tricky too cause there’s SO so much crap out there on the market.